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They thought it would never happen. A website, dedicated to the worst of the worst, has finally arrived. So often it becomes the talk of the town, amoungst neighbors, family, friends. It’s happening everywhere and there are victims. This website is dedicated to show proof that somebody obviously did not know what they was doing when they decided to do plumbing. And keep in mind, sometimes the shoddy work is done by a licensed plumber, an individual who knows better.

Whatever the reason may be, it has happened. And now there is a website to prove it. This is your website to show the world one picture at a time there was something horribly wrong when you wrote a check and paid the bill, only to find out somebody took advantage of your lack of knowledge about plumbing. This is wrong. Those who have done this hideous deed now have to wear the badge of shame here on this site, showing everyone how plumbing is not proper, not up to code and is illegal.

We respect the plumbing profession greatly. It is a must have profession in this world to bring the good stuff in (clean water) and take away the bad stuff (wastewater) so we clean keep ourselves in good health, protect others. This isn’t a hate site for plumbers; this is a site devoted to giving anyone who has become victim to bad or poor workmanship the opportunity to make their situation known. If you post pictures of illegal plumbing, we’ll send a postcard to the ones who performed the work letting them know they’ve earned their special place on so others can see.

Of course, our job here is to make sure the pictures in question violate codes but almost always the good people that come here always have something worth more than a 1000 words in disbelief, seeing the tragedy of what could of been called plumbing before someone did it wrong. Please feel free to join our forum for others who have had experiences where bad got a new meaning when it came to plumbing. Forum

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